The Law of Attraction: What is it and How Does it Work?

Are you curious about the Law of Attraction? This is why finding out what it is and how it works will make you far more knowledgeable than most other people on this planet!

You may have already heard about this concept by reading Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret" or watching the movie made from the book.

In it this law is discussed by several experts who share some of their knowledge and try to show their audience how it has helped them to transform their own lives and that of those around them for the better.

Maybe you understood what was being shared, but you still wanted to know some more about it.

law of attractionThat's what an article like this is for. To explain in some depth what was covered in The Secret and hopefully help you to better understand the implications of taking this knowledge on board in a big way.

What is the Law of Attraction?

To put it in simple terms, the Law of Attraction is a natural force that gives us the ability to attract whatever we are focusing on most of the time into our lives.

It is believed that we are all influenced by the laws that govern the Universe. This is regardless of age, nationality or religious belief and that includes the Law of Attraction. It makes use the power of a person's mind to interpret whatever is predominantly in our thoughts and materialize this into reality.

In layman's terms, all thoughts have the potential to become things eventually.

By way of an example, if you were to focus on negative things for a prolonged amount of time, you can expect to live under that cloud for a lot of the time. You will literally attract negative things and events and even people into your circle that will create a negative life for you.

On the other hand, if you focus mostly on positive thoughts and goals and you endeavour to achieve those goals that you're aiming for, you will find a viable way of achieving them with massive action.

It is a great mystery to many people while being almost unknown to the vast majority of the population. However, it can be demystified and decoded by anyone with a mind to do so, simply by reading, learning and understanding what it is and how it can be put to work in your life.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

Everything is energy, according to our quantum physicists, which is about the best explanation for what "everything" is we currently have. We also know that, unlike magnetism which operates under its own laws and where opposite poles attract, like energy attracts like energy.

Everything in existence that we are aware of is energy and that energy is constantly vibrating on an infinite number of frequencies. From that, we know that everything from a rock to a pool of water to a living being and right up to the very thoughts produced by our mental faculties are forms of energy.

Knowing this, we can experiment with how our minds work and gain an insight into how the Law of Attraction works as well. At its most basic, we can deduce that if we hold onto a a happy, positive thought, we will attract to us the like emotion of happiness and positivity.

If you're doubting that concept, try it for yourself and see!

I would challenge you to think of a really happy experience you had recently and not feel happy as a result! If that doesn't convince you, then try the opposite for effect.

Think hard about a really horrible experience you had recently, one that made you really angry and upset. And as you focus really long and hard on that thought, what are you feeling?

I'll bet you're feeling angry and upset!

What is Happening?

What's happening there is you're thoughts are broadcasting the frequency of anger and that is attracting like emotional energy also vibrating on the frequency of anger. Just like your thoughts of happiness were vibrating on the frequency of happiness that attracted the emotion on the same frequency: happiness!

In a nutshell, that's how the law works.

You can expand that concept to the world outside of you. In fact you almost certainly have some past experiences to confirm this, such as thinking about someone you haven't heard from in a long while and suddenly, out of the blue, they contact you!

Perhaps you had to attend a function and saw in the distance a person you really did not want to talk to. Chances are they came straight over and started talking to you! By your own fears, you attracted them without realizing!

The Power of Emotion

One really important point about the way in which this law works in life is in how powerful emotions can be at galvanizing an attractive force set up in your thoughts.

Fear is one of the most powerful and destructive emotions we possess. When we fear something might happen that we don't want, it almost always seems to happen no matter what else we do to try and prevent it.

In any battle between emotion and the will, emotion always wins.

Guilt is another powerful emotion and just look at the damage and havoc that one can wreak in a person's life. Guilt harboured from early childhood can colour a person's life all the way through up to the present day. And they will often not know it.

Those two emotions are negative, but what are their positive equivalents in terms of power?

Our most powerful positive emotion is love, closely followed by bliss. When we are enshrouded in either of these states, we attract like circumstances and people to us to build us up even further and we feel absolutely amazing!


Anyone can use this knowledge revealed in The Secret to their advantage. Learn to generate positive emotions by thinking positive thoughts and you will benefit by enjoying the attraction of all kinds of positive, uplifting and happy things into your life.

By focusing on the positive as much as possible, you will find that there is no time to entertain negative thoughts. And therefore you will experience little to no negative emotions that attract bad things to us and so experience very few or even no bad circumstances when you get proficient at it.

The takeaway is that it is far more agreeable to be living in a happy, positive life by using the Law of Attraction where possible. So even in the face of adversity, when you can turn your thoughts to the positive and turn your back on the negative, you can experience better and better things.