Ho'oponopono and Money: How to Use One to Attract the Other

Did you ever wonder how ho'oponopono might work for producing money attraction in today's material world where to have it is better than to be without it?

It is important to realize that money is little more than a form of exchange and that getting it is not as difficult as many believe when you know how to get it.

Way too many people are walking around with so many completely wrong money-related programs stored in their minds that it's no wonder most have difficulty attracting abundant wealth into their lives.

Is Money Evil?

ho'oponopono moneyMany of those programs suggest that money has some kind of evil intent or is simply just bad all round.

Well, the reality is that money is not inherently bad. It is certainly not evil. Only avarice or greed and misuse or lust for money can be thought of as evil, buy these are not traits of money itself.

They are solely human traits.

Release the Erroneous Beliefs

From what I'm about to share with you, it will become clear that the first step in attracting true wealth into your life is to let all those incorrect beliefs, memories and mental programming.

Instead of dwelling on all the negative notions that make us feel stuck, we can choose instead to consider money our friend, our ally. And to love it as a good friend. You can be as joyful about it thinking as you are when your best friend visits.

Money can only be attracted if you are passionate about something. You must love what you do to make money, because this makes it easier to make more.

It can be difficult for someone to work hard for money while feeling unfulfilled, unappreciated and without a smile in their soul. Money may come easily to someone who loves what they do.

One of our mistakes is the belief that we were not trained to earn a monetary reward. It is better to be passionate about what you do.

What is it you would do even if paid? This is where money can come in. When you do what you love, it naturally brings you money.

Love Attracts

I would like you to call on love and make it your priority. Wealth naturally follows those who do this.

Find your inner passion. This is something you would do regardless if you were in a difficult situation. If you help others with your passion, the Universe will open doors to you and make sure you have all that you need.

To achieve wealth and happiness, you must first seek love and happiness. Ho'oponopono prayer can help you release your past. Healing and ho'oponopono praying can help you heal them.

Wealth is Everywhere

I've been paying more attention to the mindsets of all sorts people who complain about money. Many of these things happen in my immediate environment.

I can only accept their guilt for being so poor in this time of abundance. As ho’oponopono shows me, I can only take full responsibility. But, I would like you to see what I've seen.

The Whole Story

People often lose sight the larger picture and refuse or are unwilling to work long hours or weekends, but they're missing the whole story.

If you ask most people who have "made money" or have wealth, almost all will tell you they had to make sacrifices.

When you can't actually see the big picture, you are unlikely to consider what you’re doing as a "sacrifice" because you won’t be evaluating it right now. You need to know exactly where your destination lies and how to get there.

If you are doing what you love, what you do will no longer be something that you consider to be "hard work" or "a sacrifice."

Sometimes you will have to do uncomfortable things in order get the results that you desire. For exceptional accomplishments, it's possible you will need to be uncomfortable.

Opinions are Everywhere

I have noticed all people have opinions about this or that They are the ones who point out flaws and shortcomings in others.

They know exactly what the right and wrong actions should be taken by others. These people are unwilling to see themselves in a mirror. They are unwilling to humble.

To do what you love, sometimes you will have to do things that aren't your favorite, but they will help you get there.

Ho'oponopono Allows the Image to Appear

The beauty about ho'oponopono lies in the fact that you don't have to look at the whole image. Your part that sees it better already has an idea of what the larger picture looks like.

It's waiting to be granted permission to bring you the right opportunities. Consider ho'oponopono detoxification when you see the potential in your life.

You must be willing to share your vulnerability while at the same time opening yourself to the possibilities with the law of attraction for bringing the wealth into your life that you desire.


Use ho'oponopono as a way to let go and release your judgements and opinions, clearing your mind of clutter so that you can see clearly the awakened millionaire ahead of you.

Soon you'll notice how unexpected opportunities open up for you in unexpected places and when they do, you'll be in the right place at the right time to take full advantage of them.

Make sure you take the appropriate action when the time comes and you will find money being attracted to you in ways you may never have known before.