What Are the Qualities of a Good Leader?

While it is said that some men are born to lead and other are born to follow, what are the qualities of a good leader and how can you identify them at a glance?

Everyone has passions and goals. Sometimes we let them slip away from us without trying to prevent it, but it is part of us that we do that.

Therefore it follows that in different ways, we are all both leaders and teachers, and there are so many significant roles to be filled.

good leaderIn order to be the best leader you can be, you need to know the best qualities of a good leader. So just what would these be?

Do What I Do

Well, the first thing you should consider is that a good leader never asks someone under him to do something that he wouldn’t do himself. This comes across in your character, as all the leadership characteristics work together.

It doesn't matter if you are an awakened millionaire revelling in your wealth or an up and coming entrepreneur pushing your way toward the top of the financial ladder. If you want a person under you to do something, you must be prepared to do it first!

You want your team to believe that you’re in there with them, no matter the objective. Remember, there are all different types of leaders, and you must be a participating one. Your team members will respect you for that.

Assertive but Caring

Another great quality of leaders is to be caring. While you have to be assertive at times and must put your foot down and set rules and goals, you also want to show the people that you care. They are going to look to you for support in whatever cause is the topic.

For instance, maybe you’re a supervisor at work, and your employees look to you not only for direction but also for a caring relationship. Some co-workers often confide in each other. Of course, a leader must only let things approach certain boundaries because you still have to hold your position of authority.

Honest and Truthful

Honesty is another great quality of a leader. As a matter of fact, without this, or if it is compromised even once, you’re going to have a hard time getting people to trust you again.

It’s always important that you’re honest, no matter what your leadership endeavor is. That is one of people’s biggest complaints about politicians is that they are often not honest. This does not serve well for their integrity and people trusting them.


That leads to the next quality, which is integrity. Now obviously after reading the last paragraph, integrity has to do with being honest. However, it is way much more than that. Integrity is stature and gained trust.

Integrity is always doing the right thing no matter what, and that is why it is also tied to honesty. With all eyes on you as a leader, are you going to show integrity in every situation. It can be difficult because people make mistakes. Some leaders make little mistakes, and other leaders end up making huge mistakes.


The next quality of a leader is the ability to protect your team, and this is very important for certain types of leadership, which surely you can think of examples. Safety is always key, and as a leader, you want to be able to show that you’re going to protect your team.

Sometimes this is in ways that don’t mirror physical protection. That is why there are all different types of leadership, and this can be different things for different professions. Sometimes you provide advice for certain positions, nurturing, discipline, etc.

An Innovator

A leader must be innovative in all matters. A person might be a good leader at the time, but if he or she isn’t willing to change, the leadership is going to grow stale.

A person must be innovative with all the essence of the meaning of the word implied. Come up with new ways to get things done while making good use of the Law of Attraction where appropriate.

With some opportunities for leadership, you might be responsible for coming up with new products, new advertising slogans, new safety measures and much much more. What if you find yourself coming up with the right strategies to beat the other professional baseball team in the dugout?

It could be anything!

Combining Them All

The qualities of a good leader all intertwine, and you have to know how they connect to each other so that you understand that it is a cohesive effort that coalesces more or less for you to be the best leader possible.

While good leaders must dream in order to be imaginative and innovative, good leaders must also be realistic and be able to implement strategies effectively and on time. Leaders must find a balance in their lives.

They should strive to improve themselves through personal development practices and to keep in touch with their employees concerns about daily life away from their job.


So what does it take to be a good leader? Well all of the things that are mentioned are important.

You definitely must also be level-headed in all situations and be able to remain as calm as possible. Certain situations might require a little intensity, but the idea is to remain calm if you can.

The qualities of a good leader also lead someone to as a whole show humility. You don’t want to act arrogantly or that you always make known your power.

On the contrary, be a humble servant, as that is what makes a great leader in the first place.